Open call

New creative partnerships with a high level of international PR potential

To implement the strategy for the international branding and positioning of the Nordic Region, we’re open for applications for Nordic projects and collaborations that seek to strengthen the Nordic brand internationally. Deadline for application is May 21 2017.

The vision of the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation – Together we are stronger – cites innovation, visibility, and international engagement as key characteristics of Nordic co-operation, and emphasises how shared Nordic experiences can be of relevance to others in a world where the importance of regional co-operation is growing.

The branding project within the Nordic Council of Ministers can help to support creative projects with a high level of PR and branding potential by communicating, highlighting, and strengthening the Nordic values. We can provide project funding for the following two types of projects:

  • Supporting partnerships
    • Projects and partnerships that can contribute to setting new standards and branding the Nordics and our common values. Can be existing or new projects. A maximum of DKK 250.000 and 33 per cent of the total project budget can be applied for in funding. A minimum of three parties from the Nordic countries must be involved and we of course welcome other nationalities as well.
  • Creative talents 
    • Projects and partnerships that shift the perception of how to brand the Nordic Region. High level of creativity focusing on new stakeholders and ideas, and innovative cross-sectoral partnerships and networks. The maximum amount that can be applied for is DKK 50,000. Co-funding is desirable but not essential.

The total budget for this call for proposals is DKK 2 million.

Who can apply?

Internal and external organisations, networks, and companies within Nordic co-operation. A minimum of three partners must come from different Nordic countries.

Project period

The project must be started in 2017 and conclude no later than 31 dec 2017.

Selection criteria

Applications will be evaluated specifically based on the following criteria:

Mandatory criteria

  • Emphasize the Nordic values and strategic focus areas 
  • Cross-sectoral co-operation/themes
  • Level of co-funding (except for Creative talents)
  • Documented partners (except for Creative talents)
  • A minimum of three parties from the Nordic countries (except for Creative talents)

In addition, emphasis is placed on:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • PR/branding potential
  • Involvement of:
    – Target groups
    – Local partners
    – Networks 

Application process

Applicants must submit the application form and budget by using the application form on this site, on time, and in accordance with the instructions. The related annexes and supporting documents must be attached. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications must be written in one of the Nordic languages or in English.

An advisory working group composed of Nordic representatives will assist the Nordic Council of Ministers in processing the applications.

Applications for projects that may be considered for funding will be contacted by the Nordic Council of Ministers to discuss possible adjustments to the project.

Applications should be carried out through the application form here on the site

Outline of application form

  1. Pitch your project
  2. Applicant
  3. About the project
  4. Project description
  5. Nordic dimension and synergy of project
  6. Communication and PR
  7. Project partners
  8. Evaluation
  9. Budget
  10. Appendix


Tobias Grut
Project Manager/Brand Manager

Application period

20 April 2017 to 21 May 2017

Applicants will be informed directly of decisions by 1 June 2017

The next round of applications will open in the third quarter of 2017.

Deadline for application

May 21, 2017

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