Apply for Creative Talent funding

Application outline

  • Applicant information
  • Countries involved
  • Project partners
  • About the project
  • Pitch your project
  • Project description


  • Nordic dimension of project
  • Nordic synergy
  • Communication & PR
  • Evaluation
  • Budget
  • Appendix (Optional)


All sections marked with * are mandatory
01. Pitch your project

Make us fall in love with you project! What difference do you make and why should we back your project?*

If you have any additional material you can upload it here (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, jpg)

02. Applicant information

03. About the project

04. Project description



Target groups*

Success criteria/outcome*

Project milestones*


05. Nordic dimension and synergy of project

Describe how the project connects to the Nordic values and strategic focus areas in the Branding strategy*

06. Communication and PR

Main messages and target groups*

Short communications plan- and strategy*

Should you have a document with these plans you can also upload them here (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, jpg)

07. Project partners

Write in all your project partners

08. Evaluation

How will you share the results of the project with us?*

09. Budget

Upload budget (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, xls, xlsx)

10. Appendix

Any other files, that helps us understand your project (jpg, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, xls, xlsx)