Make us fall in love with your Nordic project

Do you have an idea for a Nordic project, that can help put the Nordics in the mind of the world? A project that can highlight Nordic values, set the agenda and has a social clout that can cut through the noise and start a conversation? If you do, we would love to hear from you.

What are we looking for?

Creative Nordic collaborations. We want to help fund your ideas and show them to the world.

We love ideas, that embrace values like openness, and trust, ideas that promote sustainability through creativity and innovation and ideas built on compassion and tolerance. It’s a lot to ask, as is the form below. But we’re looking forward to get inspired by your project.

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New creative partnerships with a high level of international PR potential.

To implement the strategy for the international branding and positioning of the Nordic Region, we’re open for applications for Nordic projects and collaborations that seek to strengthen the Nordic brand internationally. Deadline for application is May 21st 2017.

Before you start

Mandatory criteria needed in order to apply:

  • Emphasize the Nordic values and strategic focus areas 
  • Cross-sectorial collaborations
  • Co-financing ratio (applies to “supporting partnerships”)
  • Documented partners



In addition, emphasis is placed on:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • PR/branding potential
  • Involvement of:
    • Target groups
    • Local partners
    • Networks

We are offering two paths to support.

Creative talents

Projects and partnerships that shift the perception of how to brand the Nordic Region. High level of creativity focusing on new stakeholders and ideas, and innovative cross-sectoral partnerships and networks. The maximum amount that can be applied for is DKK 50,000. Co-funding is desirable but not essential.

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Supporting partnerships

Projects and partnerships that can contribute to setting new standards and branding the Nordics and our common values. Can be existing or new projects. A maximum of DKK 250.000 and 33 per cent of the total project budget can be applied for in funding. A minimum of three parties from the Nordic countries must be involved and we of course welcome other nationalities as well.

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